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ASG in Japan ~ March 2023

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

All Streets Gourmand explores the world.

We recently touched down in Tokyo and Kyoto to check out the street food scene. Japan is not necessarily known for it, but there are exceptions - especially when there are sakura (cherry blossoms) festivals in full swing this time of year. (We were quite lucky with our timing, and hit the sakura at peak season.) We are still processing everything we saw in a week, but are excited to show you what we ate and experienced.

What you will see in ASG's IG over the next week are highlights of our meals in the order we experienced them.

The goal at the end of this week is to process what we've learned and impart that to you, especially for those either gearing up for some local Japanese flavor or going to Japan and experiencing it firsthand.


Japan has recently loosened much of its Covid restrictions, which makes it that much easier to enter the country and move around. There is a process that needs to be followed (we'll add that to the notes later), but it was quite easy to move around once out of customs. [Quick answer = and ~ let's just say, get those QR codes ready!]

Masks were about 50/50, which surprised me - I've been in 2014 and 2016 or so and masks were being worn quite often even before the word 'Covid' entered our lexicon. It may be a sign that folks want to move on from the specter of the pandemic, but I would definitely still carry a mask. There were a few shops and restaurants that still ask that you wear them.


The food we sought out was typical, we wanted to stick to the sakura festivals where we could, and then seek out anything that had street food adjacency. We also left much latitude to simply explore - if we didn't, I wouldn't have come across the best bookstore I have ever seen (near Mohri Park).

So, please stick with us and keep coming back over the next week to check out what we've seen.

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