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Burger Month ~ ASG's Take on the McD Japan Oyako Teriyaki Burger

It's National Burger Month here in the States and what better way than a take on one of our favorite McDonald's burgers, hailing from Japan, the Oyako Teriyaki Burger?

This burger is simple - a standard patty (usually pork), with teriyaki sauce, a fried egg, lettuce, and lemon mayonnaise. ASG's take is a beef patty, Swiss cheese, and butter lettuce. Combined with homemade russet potato fries, it's a simple recipe to replicate.

ASG's Oyako Teriyaki Burger:


Prime Rib Beef Patties (no pre-season)

Teriyaki Sauce

Swiss Cheese Slices

Fresh Sesame Buns

Butter Lettuce


Fried Egg


Before assembly, cook a low-heat fried egg, avoiding overcooking or overly crispy parts. Cook egg in oiled, warm pan - pouring cracked egg in pan slowly to maintain shape. As it gets closer, pour tablespoons of water into pan to continue an even cook. When done, drain water and dry egg on towel.

While egg is cooking, make the lemon mayonnaise - for a tablespoon of mayo, about a half a lemon. Best to add a little and try until you achieve your taste.

Prep the butter lettuce by simply breaking into bite-sized pieces, with enough to cover a patty.

Prep the buns and brown them while cooking your beef patties. A pat of butter in a warm pan suffices for both sides of a bun. Monitor and cook both sides, but definitely until the inner bread is golden brown.

For best results for the patty, we recommend a hot cast iron pan, with a quick browning on both sides. Once both sides have a good brown, we move the entire pan, with patties, into the oven, at 250 for about 10 minutes. We like an evenly cooked patty, and it is more reminiscent of McD's.

Lastly, assemble. It is bun, a little mayo, beef patty, teriyaki, Swiss cheese, fried egg, butter lettuce, big pat of lemon mayo, and top bun.


We like replicating fast food items, because they are not typically fussy. In this case, the more you straight-line the approach, the better it will be. The McD version of this typically has a pork patty, but we were more in the mood of standard fare.

And, with a lot of Japanese McDonald's - it's that simple approach, with tried and true ingredients, whilst taking some calculated risks - that make their offerings shine.

McDonald's Oyako with Chicken Patty (2021)


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