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Friday Night on York Boulevard (#eaglerock)

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Eagle Rock, on the eastern edge of Los Angeles proper, straddles the line of what is known as 'LA', melded between Glendale and Pasadena. It sits in the pocket of where Highway 2 and the 134 meet - nestled between a few low-lying hills.

On Friday nights, the town's tiny brick and mortar joints are beset by a mix of mostly complimentary food trucks and stalls. A bulk of York Blvd, one of its primary thouroughfares, hosts trucks on both sides of the street.

The vibe is typical - primarily Millenial, Z and a few X'ers - ducking in and out of bars, then out into the street for a bite. The bars become quite full as a result.

Eating on the street is difficult, there are only a few benches, so come prepared for it - explaining the why of ducking back into the bar after one takes in a snack.

From about Avenue 50 up until about Avenue 53, both sides of York have a healthy showing of trucks. Interspersed among these, several stalwart brick and mortar sit between these - along with the eclectic books, vintage clothing, record and stationary stores. It is a taste of old and new - with houses pre-dating the First War, as are many of the buildings. Street art cleanly compliments the walk with a feeling of neighborhood and community.

As the trucks vary each time we've gone, we'll highlight a few in photos below. Some brick and mortar spots to check out: - a bodega offering gluten-free items and a variety of the staple - I need stationary, like need stationary, so happy to always drop in and buy a few journals or paper - like stationary, I need books, so this community-centric shop is always a buzz of activity - Arroyo Records - always a welcoming sight to see a love of vinyl

~ Parking ~

Be respectful to the neighborhoods, but you will find appropriate parking if you are patient and wily enough. If you happen to have a reservation, albeit rare here, take that into account before leaving.

There is an LADOT parking on Lincoln Avenue, one block south of York. There is also a Super A Market on Avenue 53 that appears to have sufficient parking.


Notes above were based upon a trip to York Boulevard on Friday March 11, 2022.



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