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Introducing the ASG Experiment Spice Box '23 (Sold Out)

SOLD OUT - more boxes coming in 2024...

The All Streets Gourmand Spice Exploration Kit ('23) is a box full of flavors - offering several specially hand-blended spice mixes, acoutrements, handy kitchen cards and so much more! UPDATE: for more on the spice composition and ideas for using them - see our latest blog post.

Each box is packed with the following:

  • Specially hand-crafted spice mixes - each 4 oz spice bottle is cleaned and sanitized, and can be used for your own spice collection when you're done - or, use them as shot glasses ;)

    • "Thai-C" - this mixture of Thai chili, two types of sugar, sea salt, and Hibiscus powder adds the right touch to freshly cut fruit like mangos or apples, or a great dusting for popcorn, homemade potato chips or chicken breast!

    • "4 Chil" - this is an Asian chili-lovers dream - made up of four different red peppers - we call this one the 'slow burn' - Asian course red pepper, 'cutted' red pepper, Gochiguru, chili flakes, sea salt and a dash of MSG for an underlying umami base - this pepper goes great with chicken dishes or fresh papaya salad!

    • "Kuya Limon" - this is a definite experiment and made to find it a culinary home - we combined sea salt, lemon powder, lemon grass powder, caster sugar, cracked pepper, vinegar powder, parsley and a dash of Gochiguru. We know this goes well with popcorn already, especially for those with a citrus desire...let us know what you think...

    • "Combo-A" - this is a lift from a brand of chips we had at JFK Airport on the way to Amsterdam this year. This company put together a chip combining BBQ powder, vinegar, onion, and garlic caught our tastebuds off-guard (Community Snack's 'All Mixed Up" chips). We copied it - with all four powders, a bit of salt and caster sugar.

  • Two of our ASG Kitchen Cards:

    • Kitchen Conversion Card with Recipes on the Back for Potato Chips and Chicken Thighs

    • Kitchen Knife Identification Card with Spice Identification on the Back

  • Mini Spice Vial to bring your favorite dry mix on the go - cleaned and sanitized

  • ASG Coaster

  • ASG Acrylic Tag - please remove the protective film before use; great for a purse or back-pack

  • Two packets to throw in the same bag - one for hot sauce, the other siracha

  • Two wooden spice spoons when putting out your favorite blends at the table

More to come! We'll publish out more detail on the composition of the spices - please come back soon for more!

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