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Komodo, Fontainebleau an Extended Yelp Review

We recently hit up Komodo at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas Resort and Casino, only being open for a day less than a month.

Reservations are recommended and we can see why - where the Resort is relatively new, and quiet at times, Komodo is not. Speaking with our friendly and attentive server, Denise, she furthered my thought, saying that, no matter the day, Komodo is busy and lively.

The decor is dramatic, with IG-worthy flair…drapes punctuate a feeling of intrigue and a sense of privacy…with wicker trunks rising from floor to ceiling. There is an Asian fusion sensibility, in dark woods and sakura accents.

As a starter, we had cocktails, the Wake Me Up and a Thai Mai Tai…while we figured out our entrees. The Thai is a burst of natural citrus with a Taijin and sugar rim. The Wake was a well-balanced coffee number, jazzing me up a bit.

The server's recommendation was to order everything at the start, and they would bring it out accordingly.

The menu is broken into small plates, a small sushi menu, sides, then a variety of entrees - steak, seafood and a full roast duck. We were wanting to try more than get full, so we started off with the Lobster Dynamite, Lobster Shumai and the Surf and Turf Fried Rice.

The Dynamite was good, with the lobster mixture the highlight. The Shumai was some of the best we've had, packed full of lobster and recommended. A highlight turned out to be the well and varied seasoning of the Fried Rice. The lobster and Wagyu swam with flavor. There were tiny seasoned dried shrimp, and the meat reminiscent of adobo. It was actually larger than we expected.

After that, we opted for some sushi plates, each a serving for two. The first was Sake nigiri…delicious, fatty king salmon. I wanted a little more flavor of the rice, but still solid.

Next, a delicious Madai Sashimi. Perfect and well selected cut served over a huge bowl of ice.

Then, a cocktail break with a Barrel Aged Old Fashioned.

For dessert, I had the Ikura, marinated salmon roe. This was decadent, sweet, sea-like and plentiful. I enjoyed each bit of roe, swimming in citrus, almost tasting like a calamnsi.

Komodo is definitely a must see if you are at the Fontainebleau. It tends, like many places in Vegas, to get a little too ‘LA’ at times. But, it is definitely a spot for gourmands, we look forward to going back soon, this time to try the duck.

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