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RECIPE ~ ASG Chicken Turmeric Kale Soup for Fall

RECIPE ~ ASG Chicken Turmeric Kale Soup for Fall

Serves 2 - 4, Cooking Time - can speed run in 40m to an hour; soup needs to cook for 2.5 hours or longer


x4 chicken thighs - salt and pepper; keep skin on while cooking

x1/2 yellow onion, x1/2 shallot, x4 stalks of celery - finely cut

x1/2 garlic - crushed, peeled, prepped

x1 pat of butter

x1 sweet potato - peeled, cut to desired texture - we do 3-cm-sized cuts

x1/2 ginger bulb - prepped, peeled, finely cut

x4 cups of vegetable broth

x1 tbsp turmeric

x1 tsp chili flakes

x1 tsp thyme (for chicken)

x1 jalapeno - cleaned of seeds, finely cut

x1 carrot - cleaned, peeled, finely cut into half-circles

x1 can of coconut milk - whole with fat

x1/2 bunch of fresh spinach - cleaned, stemmed, hand torn - keep in the fridge until use

x1/2 bunch of fresh kale - cleaned, stemmed, hand torn

x1/2 lemon

Salt and pepper


Prep chicken thighs on both sides with salt, pepper, and thyme. Slowly fry in a pan on both sides until golden brown - no need to cook all the way through, as it will cook in the soup. Better it goes in lightly cooked to retain a juicy texture.

[For soup - we like to use a ceramic pot and cook everything (but the chicken).]

After the chicken is browned, remove the skin. [You will not use it - you can make a chicken skin snack later with gochugaru.] Set aside.

Add ginger, turmeric, chili flakes, and any leftover thyme to the mirepoix. Mix well. Add jalapeno, carrot, and ginger. Mix again - all the while keeping the temperature low. Eye the mixture; add the vegetable broth when there is a sound reduction and intermingling of spices. Increase the temperature of the stove to medium. Bring soup to boil, uncovered.

On boiling, add water. Allow it to come to a boil again. Add spinach. Add coconut milk fat. Taste for seasoning - we like adding some chicken gristle or oil. Adjust turmeric, and avoid adding too much chili flakes. Add chicken, then allow it to come to a boil.

Lastly, add kale and squeeze out lemon. Taste one last time. Allow to simmer, covered, for two more hours.

[Variations - can include lemongrass, navy beans, and other root vegetables.]


Preferably, ASG likes to serve the next day when flavors mature. On reheating, bring it up slowly to a simmer; don’t allow it to boil or overcook. Serve with lemon slices and a nice buttered bread. Enjoy the cold months along with some Vince Guaraldi - you know, Autumn.

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