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ASG Review Wynn Buffet Vegas & Pitch for Yelp

Yes, we love food. We love food so much that we take the time to profile it, take photos, and write up some proper reviews. Please check out All Streets Gourmand on Yelp and leverage our experience to help you decide on your next meal adventure:

Here's our latest review—we want to highlight this one for all the Gourmands in the audience who want some helpful tips for any buffet:

What can be said about Wynn Buffet that hasn't already been said? It comes highly recommended on any short list of Vegas buffets. In a place where buffets are competitive--service and taste consistency, food availability, and, above all, quality--are the weapons in this game.

ASG appreciates the Wynn Buffet for several reasons. First, you are served in an atmosphere like the rest of the Wynn resort--this "high luxury" concept carries from the front door to the pool to the restaurant. You feel like you are at the Wynn when you come in. The restaurant is laid out in a way conducive to a pleasant dining experience. Even when it does get crowded, it has never felt 'packed' to us. Service at Wynn, whether as a hotel guest or as a buffet patron, has likewise been consistent, and our experience at their buffet was no different.

Here are a few recommendations before we start:

- We found it best to look ahead for any specials and validate the time.

- We typically make reservations and pay ahead--we found this guaranteed seating (you never know what's really going on in Vegas, right?).

- Paying ahead is beneficial. Get what you want upfront, and there's no need to pay. It's almost like walking into an all-inclusive experience.

- We also liked the inclusive cocktail or drink add-on, which offered a variety of cocktails to accompany your meal. However, I feel like they 'cheat' a little with the size; they aren't small portions but could be slightly bigger.

- Take two walks before you dig in. Wynn has a huge array of food and serving stations, and a few things are out of direct view. Walk around and explore a bit.

- Parking is free for first three hours at the Wynn. There is a time limit at the buffet of two hours.

The food selections are amazing. On our recent visit, we were most interested in the 1 PM to 9 PM Seafood Spectacular. We were hankering for cracking some crab legs—and Wynn doesn't just serve them—but they are swimming in flavor and spice. We piled our plates high and started there.

A few highlights of the food:

- Char Siu Baby Back Ribs - I have a hard time finding this anywhere else and usually have years-long breaks at a time--which makes my gourmand tummy sad. These ribs used to be a staple in So Cal in the late 60s and much of the 70s.

- Kalua Pork Belly - Oh man, like above, it's hard to find this made correctly and well. The marinade is very Pacific Islander and completely elevates the meat. I wish to curate all the best items here and have something in So Cal!

- Mac & Cheese with Pork - This dish hits all the comfort food notes--creamy, cheesy, and with the added indulgence of tender pork.

- Caviar - A touch of luxury that elevates the buffet experience.

- Sushi - Fresh and flavorful, the sushi station is a must-visit.

- Deep Filipino or Vietnamese Cuts - Look for them--they are seasonal and offer a unique twist on traditional buffet offerings.

Louisiana Crab Boil! Full of Old Bay spices!

The Wynn Buffet's commitment to quality is evident in each bite. Each dish is prepared with care and attention to detail, from the perfectly seasoned crab legs to the rich and savory ribs. The ambiance, with its elegant décor and attentive service, makes for a dining experience that is both relaxing and indulgent.

As we ate our selections, we couldn't help but appreciate the meticulous effort that goes into maintaining the buffet's high standards. The spacious layout and thoughtful design ensure that even at peak times, you never feel cramped or rushed. It's a testament to Wynn's dedication to providing an exceptional dining experience.

All in all, what can be said? We ate until we were sore. Luckily, a wonderful casino and water show await right outside to walk off the indulgence and continue the Vegas adventure.

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