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How to Oktoberfest - ASG SoCal Quick Guide

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Oktoberfest in Southern California ~ the following is a sampling in Southern California that ASG has been to, or will be heading out to this year:

- Oktoberfest @ Pomono Fairplex

- @ The Greens at the Rose Bowl


How to Fest - Random ASG Tips: having lived in Germany for a time....

The obvious are the 'knowns' ~ October-season beers, the German foods like sausages, polka music, etc. However, there are more than a few other things to know, and enjoy!

-Talk to your neighbor at the table, beer halls and bench seating is part of the tradition - make friends at your table and be sure to toast with a hearty "Prost!"

- If you are the lucky enough to get a traditional German selection, try the bread and potatoe dishes.

- German potato dishes to try:

- Hot (or Warm) Potato Salad - warm potatoes cooked in broth, and mixed with vinegar and spices

- Kartoffelkloesse (German Potato Dumplings) - filled with croutons, best served with warm pickled red cabbage

- Kartoffelpuffer (German Potato Pancakes) - hot, oily, and works with any topping - savory or sweet

- Boiled Potatoes - it is what it is, but combined with sausages, sauerkraut and mustard - totally different experience

- Know your sauerkraut - there are so many variations, although I feel States-side we only know the one - but explore! There's a world of gut-healthy, pickled cabbage that is wonderful...

- Know your spaetzle - much like a plain egg noodle, like the boiled potato, it goes so well with the proteins, pickling and mustards


Visit a SoCal German Deli:

- Old World Huntington Beach

- Continental La Habra

- Alpine Deli Thousand Oaks

- Contintental Gourmet - Glendale

- Shreiner's Fine Sausages - Glendale


ASG's favorite German sausages: - Weisswurst - soft, subtle and goes well with all the sides

- Wollwurst - like weisswurst, the meat is subtle, but with no casing and a crispy fried exterior

- Leberkase - a meat-lover's loaf, loaded with flavors and great as a sandwich

- Nurnberger Bratwurst - a great breakfast sausage, seasoned with a very unique set of spices (including majoram, mace and celery salt).


ASG's favorite German cheeses:

- Butterkase - once you have it, you'll keep coming back. Butterkase is so soft (titular), it can be practically spread. This is great pre-sliced and throw it on a roll (or German 'brotchen').

- Holsteiner Tilsiter - semihard and of a specific recipe - I like to have a slice with a sausage roll.

- Bavarian Blu - where Limburger is a bit sharp and pungent, you can go down a level or two with this soft cheese. Makes a great side to bread.





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