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Gourmand Book Corner ~ "Shiro: Wit, Wisdom and Recipes"

Updated: Apr 6

Book: "Shiro: Wit Wisdom and Recipes from a Sushi Pioneer"

By Shiro Kashiba photographs by Ann Norton

Chin Music Press

Synopsis: This spirited memoir is chockful of thoughtful photographs, ephemera, and recipes from Seattle's so-called godfather of sushi.

What's in it for a Gourmand?

A recipe book that is not a recipe book - and that is what makes it thoroughly engaging. Throw this on your coffee table and see if, once you pick it up, you don't wind up flipping through the entire thing. It is one part memoir, one part photo-autobiography, and food statistic-laden, all with great graphic design that weaves in photographs and ephemera into a vision of the titular sushi guru. The book is much like the way I would do it, bringing to life a singular person, with a backdrop on sushi and a few related recipes. This gives insight on the flavors and approach of sushi and Seattle as a culinary hub.

If you are looking for a book just for sushi recipes this might not be the book for you. But, if you're game for more perspective on sushi and the culture of it this is the book for you

Recipe Highlights:

  • Salmon Teriyaki, page 301, for its simple but effective sauce

  • Scallops and Matsutake Boiled in Aluminum Foil, page 291

  • Manila Clams Steamed with Sake, page 259

More insights into the book are at:

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