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Odd Nights at the Autry (Museum) '22

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

After being closed for two seasons (thanks Covid), Odd Nights at the Autry has re-opened over several months, starting this April and through September, every third Friday of the month. (See video below the break.)

Odd Nights is put together in coordination between the Gene Autry Museum and the folks over at The Odd Market, an event company, coordinating both the Los Feliz Flea and Odd Nights events. The location for Odd Nights is adjacent to Griffith Park, Los Angeles Zoo and Gene Autry at 4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles, CA 90027. If you plan it right, you may be able to cap your day off at Griffith or at the Zoo...

Odd Nights is well thought out and dispersed across the parking lot, directly connecting to the Museum. There is a cashless ($5) fee at the gate and areas broken out by - local sellers, food trucks, inflatables, and the lawn area for picnicking and a stage for a local band. Additively, the Autry does open to its second floor galleries for free (which, as of writing, was about a $14 admission ticket)!

The sellers are what you would expect, an eclectic mix of local artists, second hand clothiers, candles, soap bombs, and more. I wound up finding a nice gentleman selling a solid selection of vinyl. I picked up The George Benson Collection - a dual LP with Benson's greatest hits. The man also gave me a tip on a yT video on a man that bought Benson's LP collection. Added value! :D

The food truck area was well lined up with trucks on both sides of the main strip. Vendors ranged from chacuterie, to vegan options, traditional barbecue, Indian, Thai tea, kettle corn, etc.

The selections for that night included:

- A California Crepe from Batter Berries Cafe

- BBQ Pork Sliders from Uncle Al's BBQ

- Buko Pandan Crafted Drink from Tim's Thai Tea

Whilst enjoying these goodies, local band Ugly Side Up played on the stage to the delight of the kids in the audience. Considering the weather, the locals, good food and tunes - it seemed to be enjoyed by all. It was also nice to be able to walk a lap or two, winding our way through the event. It felt safe as well - the gate and full fencing was a smart touch to keep the folks that want to be there in the warm confines of the event. Dogs were allowed, so it was fun to watch them interact.

Lastly, having access to the Autry Museum was great. Not only was it a savings off the normal admission price, but most of the galleries were open. At the time of our visit, they had exhibits on Dress Codes (various exhibits on denim, Mexican poblano), The American West, and The Silent West.





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