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Valentines'24 Dinner for 2 Inspiration: Meal Five ~ Homemade Pizza, Pepper Salad, White Choco Bark

Hardly anything is as easy (and satisfying) as making a pizza at home.  What better way to end our Valentines Day meal inspiration for two then with a fun and easy recipe you can do together.  And, we're borrowing from our other four meals, so check them out too!

This pizza is actually not as simple as we make it sound, it's laden with homemade sauce and different types of seafood.  A sunny mixed colored bell pepper salad sits astride your steaming pizza - tangy with its shallots and fresh dressing, it makes for a perfect side.   Drop down your favorite red and there's a solid meal.

For dessert, because I'm blessed to have many valentine's, making a ton of cereal white chocolate bark is in order.  This is only four ingredients and equally interactive.

We are not going to overburden this blog post with all of the different nuances, but make sure to experiment and use what you have.  You'll get the general idea here.

In order of preparation:

Pizza Sauce - small can tomato sauce, half can tomato paste, tablespoon sugar, ½ teaspoon of Italian seasoning, ½ teaspoon dried oregano, parsley, salt, pepper - combine and cook for 5 mins, set aside.

Skillet Bread - see recipe before, while resting work on seafood and salad.

Mini Mixed Pepper Salad - staying with the nonlettuce theme, thinly sliced mini bell peppers, shallots, fresh garlic, parsley, half a lemon juice - mix well.

Dressing - avocado oil, sugar, teaspoon water, cracked pepper, garlic, oregano, Italian seasoning- whisk well.

Mix salad and light amount of dressing, refrigerate while working.

Seafood - defrost, cook in shallow skillet with butter, parsley, bay seasoning, salt and pepper - brown.  Allow to dry over paper towels to remove moisture.

Fry bread to cook evenly and brown with butter.  Cut out the heart shape, as best you can 😆 .

Layer mozzarella and provolone, sauce, seafood, cheese with fresh basil at the end.

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