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ASG Food Crawl ~ Las Vegas Strip January'23

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

View from the High Roller 05JAN23

Day 1: Milk, Momofuku, Petrossian, Lobster Me

Decadent and just the right amount of naughty - the Milk Bar White Russian hit the spot after the drive into town. The shake is, of course, the right blend of everything, and the alcohol similarly added for a tasty drink to walk around with. Drink it slow - it was meant to be enjoyed that way. We combined it with a cup of soft server cereal milk with frosted flakes - the tart milk taste took a little getting used to, but made sense in the end.

We then did a walk up to Momofuku, and, because we had Milk Bar treats, we could bring them right in. We ordered Shrimp Buns (shrimp patties on bao), Ginger Scallion Noodle and Shoyu Pork Ramen. Additively, ordering a Calamansi Cooler (don't think on menu) and a Pencillin.

A must hit on my list in January (far from the chill of the weather this time of year), the Petrossian is a stalwart hang-out off the main lobby of the Bellagio. Kick off with drinks and a handful of nuts, potato chips and popcorn. After putting in an order of the Caviar Tacos, Caviar Egg Trio and the Caviar Donut, it was time for some coktails - the Lavender Basil Lemon Drop and the Bellini. All was well enough to then shine everything off, then ask for some Oysters and an Element Tasting Vodka Flight. The perfect amount of both food and imbibing.

Lobster Me -Planet Hollywood - simple - need a late night fix before heading back up to bed? Hit the Miracle Mile attached to Planet Hollywood for, in my opinion, a solid and consistent lobster roll. There is a Lobster Me at both Venetian and at Planet, this past week, it was easier to hit up the one next to the Horseshoe. Here's a tip - always ask for extra butter on the roll (or mayo if you druther). Also had a nice and spicy Bloody Mary to go along with - nice and throat burning finish to the tasty and dense roll. It even had a nice, plumb lobster claw on the toothpick.

Day 2: JJ's Boulangerie, Aubi & Ramsa, Fuhu Shack, Pepita's Kitchen

JJ's Boulangerie - Paris - attached to the Horseshoe (formerly Bally's) is the Paris, with a nice selection of breakfast items, as you would expect for this European themed hotel/casino. JJ's has a wide selection of breakfast items, ranging from fresh fruit, to croissant sandwiches, to breakfast pizza. Getting prepped for the day includes a hearty breakfast to do all the walking one does in Sin City. Grab a coffee and refill as needed - great spot to hang out and people watch too.

The Cabinet of Curiousities - Horseshoe - not a food place, but definitely wanted to call attention to this almost hidden gem at the Lower Level of the Horseshoe. After a day of walking, made reservations for The Lock, a speakeasy hidden behind the Cabinet. There is a two drink minimum, but these drinks are worth it - they create a bespoke cocktail based off a questionaire. The atmosphere is quite enjoyable and a literal break from the strip.

Aubi & Ramsa Ice Cream Bar - Resorts World - what can be said - ice cream and alcohol. This ice cream bar creates infused concoctions from several ice cream flavors, paired with mid- and top-shelf alcohols. If there is a bar stool to be had, definitely grab a spot and people watch - as the bar is opposite the large video sphere and the Zouk club. The flavors are an acquired taste, so choose your poison carefully!

Duck Tacos from Fuhu Shack - Resorts World - a must have when visiting Vegas, the Fuhu's staple are three engrossing duck tacos that will fulfill your hunger and flavor profile for something off the beaten path. The roasted duck goes quite well with a red tortilla, a heavy portion of vegetable toppings and delicious sauce. A duck taco needs to be a staple of all taco stands in the US. What's cool about the Famous Foods dining court is there is usually seating and plenty to see as you eat.

Sisig Panini and Lumpia from Pepita's Kitchen - Resorts World - as with Fuhu, Pepita's combines the traditional sisig - a mixtures of oily pork, fresh onions, fresh peppers and citrusy notes (either calamansi, lemon, lime) - and puts them into a real panini press. Add cheese and a few Banh Mi ingredients and you've got a deliciously sloppy and engaging sandwich like no other. The lumpia is the traditional 'Shanghai' from Pampanga and definitely on point. We ordered and enjoyed both - not sure how we made it through the weekend with the amount of food we ate, but we couldn't help ourselves.

Day 3: White Castle, Vanderpump

White Castle - 3411 Las Vegas Blvd - the gentlemen in front of us, wearing a cut to the nines brown wool suit, was on his Bluetooth saying "I've never had a White Castle before." I wish he was not on the phone, I wanted to tell him about the onion-y pleasure he was about to have. We did a simple single double cheese slider. Have to eat them fresh, right off of the grill - downing it with ice cold Diet Cherry Coke. What a great pitstop while walking from the north end of the Boulevard to the south. Now, how can a man in his fifties never try a White Castle? Well, I felt he lived just a little bit more that day...

Vanderpump Cocktail Garden - Caesar's Palace - ok, so, while we could have eaten at a 'simple' place for lunch, the Vanderpump Garden at the Paris kept pulling our attention. The Baz Lurman-esque post-modern mixture of neon, indoor garden, shabby chic, and French cafe really, really bugged the sh^t out of me. As we strolled Caesar's and saw its version, we threw chance to the wind and declared, "This is where we'll lunch, by heavens!" We were not disappointed. Sure, they are small plates. Sure, it's more cocktail oriented - but it all works and it was filling and fun. We had the Rome is Burning cocktail, Steak Skewers, Pork Belly Bao, Truffle Chips and Rose Cake. Yes it was fun. That was all that mattered.

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