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Vegas Food Crawl April 2023 ~ ASG

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Well, we go to Vegas quite a bit. It's almost ideally situated from SoCal. When the weather is right, it's absolutely gorgeous driving through the desert. ASG did a quick 24 a few weeks back and did a quick food crawl, with the highlight on Park MGM's Best Friend. We're always in the mood for something different and Vegas offers just that...

We arrived at the Park MGM in the late afternoon, right as many restaurants were doing the dinner turnover. Luckily, Primrose, steps away from check-in was still open for a quick bite.

What's lovely about Primrose is that, like us, we had just driven the requisite four hours to Sin City and needed a calm, cafe-like setting in which to relax and get the edge off. The restaurant has a Parisian feel, by design, but I found it much more Southern genteel. It faces the pool area, with nice sunlight and greenery while you eat. The service was quite friendly - much needed while we worked out the kinks.

The highlight here is the Eggs Benny (as they call it). Capable and correctly appointed, these eggs benedict are served alongside soft and well-spiced potatoes. Secondly, the Park Burger was likewise capable - a satisfying burger with Angus beef herb aioli and served on a toasted brioche. To take the tension down a bit (it comes off like I'm quite stressed) - their pear cocktail (Remy Martin 1738, St George Pear liqueur, lemon)


Located near the Strip side of the Linq's open-air 'Promenade' - Haute is a small little island. An island that serves solid hot dogs. We went for the loaded Tijuana Dog - much like your standard street dog but with a twist - lemon mayonnaise, a heavy layering of bacon, and jalapenos.

Because I felt a bit cheeky, I went for the Vegan Dog. I know. But, I figure on trying a deep cut to see if they're legit. The Vegan Dog was good - a vegan weiner, sauerkraut, a peppy salsa, and a dose of mustard. It was solid, and it hit the spot. If I were to do it again, I'd probably ask for a bit more condiments.

I've wanted to hit Best Friend ever since it opened in late 2018. Then, by a weird confluence of events, one being the pandemic, or, one at least two occasions hit it when it was too early or they were simply not open for the day.

Roy Choi was lured to open his concept restaurant, with a heaping of culinary laurels under his belt. Best Friend delivers, in his words, a transformative journey. Although it felt more like a time capsule of Choi's time in high school, growing up in Los Angeles. The shelves and menu are both lined with memories and nostalgia. It's part of the dining experience and it's good.

We started off with the Banchan Sampler. I have a penchant for pickling and veggies are a great way to start a meal. All of it was delightful, but the spicy cucumber salad (oi munchim) was the highlight. Trying to replicate this a week after - I do appreciate the perfection in which you prepare the cucumbers, loads of spices, oils, and vinegar. Perfection comes in the timing. All of the banchan is served at a peak of serving.

Next up was the house Lumpia. I love lumpia - I'm Filipino. But, like a connoisseur, you must have standards. You must know the Platonian ideal to compare it against. These lumpia taste like home. They are simple, yet the filling is a mixture of pork, beef, tofu, and rice noodles - served with a sweet & sour sauce. It is layered the way I like it - so definitely a must-have when I visit again.

Last, under the heading of "LA Sh*t" were the Kogi Short Rib Tacos. Had to have them, it's a must. These tacos started in LA, famously by Kogi BBQ trucks. I remember waiting in line for an hour for one of these (mind you pre-smartphone), in Anaheim near a comic book store that doesn't exist anymore (on Euclid and Broadway - Phat Collectibles). The tacos were amazing - fusion was not new, but the boldness that followed was.

These tacos are not small - they are hearty and full of everything you want in a taco - Korean BBQ, salsa roja, and topped generously with cilantro-onion-lime chili soy slaw. There are three to a serving and we fought over them. Great experience in a great place.

Our last stop for the 24 hours was to hit the Sahara. I hadn't seen their recent renovations, and I had not yet taken the Vegas Monorail past the LVH. This ticked off a few boxes.

The Sahara was a grand surprise - it had the vibe of classic Vegas. Light-colored marble, glass, and gold tints abound. On the walls, black and white photos of the Rat Pack show us all how to stop being serious and have an easy time.

At Chickie's & Pete's, we found a great sports bar - televisions are everywhere - with the latest live games available when we strolled in.

We enjoyed a hot serving of calamari with a heaping bowl of deliciously warm sauce of tomatoes, olives, cherry peppers, red onion, celery, garlic, herbs, and balsamic glaze. It is a rich sauce and paired well with the calamari.

Next was an order of their Chickie's Wings - Barbeque Classic (bone-in). These were likewise full of flavor and juicy. Just right...

For the entree, we felt compelled to try Lisa's Blonde Lobster Pie. This white pizza had chunks of lobster and cheese. This one went quick - it was a great combination of the pizza with juicy buttery lobster.

All in all - another great adventure in Sin City. Thank goodness there's plenty of walking to shed the indulgence.

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