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Vegas Food Crawl May 2023 ~ ASG

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Some folks know about Hash House - it is a mimicry of an old-style diner writ large, nestled above the Linq casino, up an almost non-descript escalator. The allure of this is right on the Strip, you can get a hearty, large-format breakfast with items that fill up the plate. After a night of tearing up a mixture of tequila, whisky, and gin, Hash House has what will cure you. I'll start with a tomato juice, coffee, and water to start - starting my body right. Then, you've got your choice of the classics - but with a firm twist in both size and flavor. This trip, I had the Sage Fried Chicken Benedict - fresh spinach, thick bacon, slices of tomato, griddled mozzarella, smothered in a rich chipotle cream, all layered with scrambled eggs and their house biscuits with griddled mashed potatoes and fresh fruit garnish. Funny, their menu doesn't mention a thick breaded chicken breast is hidden in all of it. The thick, rich gravy was just the right amount of chipotle flavor (not overpowering). You'll walk out satisfied for hours.

- HAPPY HOUR: Tilted Kilt (The Linq Promenade)

Yes, it's a chain, and yes, we have plenty in SoCal - however, I needed a place with a ton of seating for the ten of us in my family that needed a quick bite. Tilted Kilt has a jukebox, which I desperately needed - a bit of respite and a drink. They were hosting happy hour when we walked in - so there were plenty of

appetizers and drinks counted; not bad of a deal at all. Fed ten folks with a few entrees and then did a round of lemon drop shots.

To make the moment, hearing Demi Lovato's 'La La Land' and Miley's 'Party in the USA' waft across the double-decker restaurant made my day. My cousins and their mates were singing along whilst shoving Drunken Clams, Tator Tots, and Kilt Tilter Wings in their mouths.

- PRE-CLUB: Mulberry Pizzeria Street of Beverly Hills (Resorts World)

Easy peasy, before heading into Resort World's Zouk, and after drinking at Here Kitty Kitty - we popped in for a large, hefty slice of Hawaiin or a White Slice with Spinach. Then check out all of their celebrity memorabilia.

- NIGHT FUEL: Aubi & Ramsa (Resorts World) Then, maybe we don't go right into the club. A small 4-oz 4.9% alcohol-infused ice cream is in order. The flavors are very refined, and the spirit is just right. I guess I wasn't surprised it went down easy and we finished.


Ok, I'm going to buck the trend a little - and have more of a profile later on IG. Bacchanal is a buffet. It is a big one. They have a massive selection. But, let's be honest - it is a buffet. If you are one to eat a lot, you'll get just that. There are surprises, and you'll find what you are looking for. For me - I hunt for the Filipino, the deep Chinese. They had nicely prepared frog legs - so I had my fill of that.

- TABLE at the OMNIA (Illenium)

- AFTER PARTY: White Castle (Harrah's)

I love this part of the Strip. I walk over from the Linq, hit Caesar's Omnia, then take off with a nice buzz once 2 or 3 am rolls around. Then, snag a selection of warm, soft, onion-infused sliders. I need Vitamin Water and about five of these. Now for the sojourn of the dark, cold room and the warm, clean sheets - smelling of cigarettes and Blue Atlas cologne from the Omnia bathroom.

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